, C Pro, , —if you're hearing all these numbers Firstly, you can download any of the cerfa forms from baikaltour.info residents c residents centre you . then on your left click on “Rechercher un formulaire” [look for a form]. form (n°C; N°cerfa: *11). baikaltour.info formulairedetelecharger-en-ligne-une-declaration.

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Note, most tax offices have open days to help you fill the forms in, take in your figures on bits of paper and ask them which boxes they would like you to put the figures in. If so, what exactly do I need to put in, so I can print this form off please? This is the document you would use. They are all tied together and despite giving an impression of being separate in fact the one knows precisely what the other is doing. I have seen 20 years ago when I first came here and we were rushing around doing our tax declarations, people at the tax offices up to midnight to put it in the post box at the tax office because they were so late. I did put the 'as well' in bold to try and make it stand out. Let me know if you had any success.

En cas de dépôt d'une déclaration no IFI avec une déclaration allégée COV sans revenu, . =bjYgh]ggYaYbhg dUf gcW] h ]bhYfdcg Y \c`X]b[. The main tax form – – is still not available for download at baikaltour.info but this is deliberate on the part of the tax authorities. They have. C N * 19 16 DCLARATION COMPLMENTAIRE REVENUS COMPLMENTAIRE Nom Prnom Adresse direction gnrale des finances publiques 1.

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Tax form 2047K – question!

My Region. FAQs Featured links to other websites Qui sommes nous? Money Oliver Rowland. Tue 17 Apr 09h OK quick dance of joy!!! Yay got it!! Tracy you are a star thank you so much I have been round the houses with this one!

Thanks Tracy, have just had a look at C and it's coming up as Revenus Am I going mad? Tracy thank you I nearly broke open the fizz as yes you are right lovely forms are there but…. Not ready to celebrate yet!!

Info here and forms below!

Deborah, I'm having the same problems as you. I'm in the UK as well. I am putting in the box to bring up the form, nothing!!

If anyone does find the link for a blank form revenus would be very grateful for the info! OMG I cannot find it anywhere!!! Like you I can't go into my own space account as have no fiscal number I just need a plain old empty form to fill download and print!!!

Déclaration d'impôt : ouverture du service en ligne sur impots.gouv.fr et mon.service-public.fr

Nooooo we live in France!!! I am also in the UK so can't pop into my local tax office. Will keep looking on the impot. Let me know if you had any success.

TAX TIME …. – C Pro – – | LBS in France

I think you need to ask for the form for the form because you are submitting this year. Lesley, you registered last September so I am surprised if you received a tax form.

As for husband and you, both names will be on single forms, all of them, and it is all done as a household. The next document causes lots of confusion and lots of questions.

This is really aimed at people who are not in salaried employment, your auto entrepreneurs, your furnished rentals, for example, would be using the C Pro to declare their revenue for Simply understand which category of business you are in before you complete it. People are panicking and questioning the declaration fiscale for auto entrepreneurs.


The declaration fiscale is a good document to get, however, you can make your tax declaration without it, okay? You go to the RSI website with your social security number and you can set up an account and download your declaration fiscale. All you need to know is what you have invoiced and what has come into your business account from the 1st of January to the 31st of December, , and what category are you in, BIC, BNC, or BA.

Hm... Are You a Human?

BIC of course being commercial activities, BNC being non-commercial liberal-type activities, and the BA, the agricultural-type activities. Then, of course, you have the Come to LBS or speak to a tax specialist. Things like people who are retirees, for example, would use the