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Al-Mursalat Those sent forth Listen 0 Like. Thanks for upload many ayah recitation from Syeikh Nasser Al Qatami, hope Allah bless him and his family.. You are the best ever Maryam Mary Listen 0 Like. All of the reciters are contributing to the tarbiyah education of the Ummah. He was born in the Saudi capital, Riyadh in , corresponding to the hijri year

24 نيسان (إبريل) Nasser Al Qatami.(MP3 Quran)المصحف كامل للشيخ ناصر القطامي. 28 أيلول (سبتمبر) The Holy Quran | القران الكريم القارئ: ناصر القطامي Nasser Al Qatami | ناصر القطامي baikaltour.info مزيد من. This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: ). 1 - Al-Fatihah (The Opening) ÓæÑÉ ÇáÝÇÊÍÉ - 2 - Al-Baqarah (The.

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Muhammad Al-Abdulah. Sayeed Ramadan. Khaled Al-Wahaibi. Saleh Al-Habdan. Abdulrahman Saidin. Salah Al-Hashim. Muhammad Elkantaoui. Tamim al-Rimi.

Nasser Al Qatami ناصر القطامي

Shaban Sayyad. Abdulghani Abdullah. Allah Bless us all. Assalaam Alaikum My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, there are many Qarees in the world, who can recite the quran in beautiful voice and make us to cry, without mentioning anybody, and Nasser Al Qatamy is one of them, but what amazing thing i found in him that his reciting tune is according to the context of the quran and whenever you listen to him, surely you will cry.

I am very happy and very excited to listen Quran. Masha Allah, I have no appropriative words to say about his pleasant and beautiful voice. Allah has blessed him with great voice.

May Allah have mercy and blessing on this sheik. I pray for his mercy and happiness. Thanks for upload many ayah recitation from Syeikh Nasser Al Qatami, hope Allah bless him and his family.. I very like to heard and follow recitation from him. Iwould be much grateful If some can provide an email address of sheik naser.

Jazaak Allah Khairan. Subhanallah,, Thanks for upload many ayah recitation from Syeikh Nasser Al Qatami, hope Allah bless him and his family.. I very like to heard and follow recitation from him.. He make us aware of the translate in Al Qur'an, because my arabic is so poor when i hear him recite a surah i find great feel dan push me to read and learn more Al Qur'an. Thank's, Syeikh: I love this Qari, he is my ultimate favorite. When I first heard him I was literally shocked by the beauty of his voice, recitation and how he grabs you attention with his passionate recitation and cries.

When I first heard him Surah Haqqah , I actually panicked and ran for the Qur'an because I wanted to know what he was reciting. May Allah bless him and his family in this life and the next. Allah Yazeedak. Alhamdulillah, Syeikh Nasir al-Qatami has very impressive tilawah and voice in my heart, almost in all surah he recited I find a impressive point or more, especially in Surah Ibrahim, at-Taubah, Al-Anfaal, Yusuf and many other.

Nasser Al Qatami • Quran Audio MP3 • Quran Central

His way of tilawah make me cry in my lonely time, on my bed, in my car etc, also Syeikh Khalid al-Qahtani. Baarakallaah fiik ya syaikh. And also he is available in every prayer and also in Ramadan he is prayinf Tarawee their.

So, if some of you have to go there you can find the Location in GPS or google earth. May Allah bless this great son of Islam and we will listen to his QIrat more and more.


Assalamu alaikum, sheikh voice has been a source of inspiration to me, listening to his recitation makes me wanna learn more and memorise our holy book and Alhamdulillah i'm currently learning and memorising. Allah indeed has giving you a voice that no one can just walk pass by without listening to it may Allah bless you and the entire umma Ameen. Assalamu Alaikum. Brothers, can anyone let me know in which masjid this great Qari is leading prayers?

I tried to know desperately in Ramadan to find his whereabouts but in vain. Once I pray taraweeh behind him, it is an amazing experience.

nasser al qatami

Please if someone know where he is leading prayers, then can post their comment through this site. Assalamu Alaikum I have heard the tilawat of Shaikh Nasir. Really Allah has blessed him a lot of blessings. When i was listening to him a thought came to that how much this attention to Allah is necessary for um-mat of Prophet SAW. May Allah give us this blessing. Jazaakullah nasir al qatami, the way he recites quran,h as tremendous effect on hearts as it fully expresses the very meaning of verses and makes every one bitterly cry.

So grasping, so penetrating, God has bestowed him with remarkable voice and style.

I'm in search of his full quran in order to listen it again and again. I have no appropriative best words to write about his voice.


May Allah have mercy and blessing on this man. I first heard Nasir in Makka in Since then I have not heard any better voice than him. Dear Brothers and Sisters. You know Dear Islam is a peaceful or the greatest religion of the word.

And also Allah sent us Many great scholar or Reciters. Before Losing this nama take some advantage from him, and recite his vice. I first heard Nasir in Mecca in Masha Allah. I pray to marry such husband even if I know it is not going to be possible but I pray Allah should give me husband like him. Essalamu Aleykum, I am a muslim from Turkey.

I seen your name with great coincidence at net.