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Work BC staff follow hiring trends so clients know who to target in their job searches. We spend as much time generating information on what the employer base or the business community is looking for, so we can more realistically assist clients to enter that particular labour market.

The additional space enables the agency to conduct regular job fairs on site, which have proven successful with employers and individual clients. Kopar employs 15 skills training job coaches, who work with individuals to find their dream job. Work BC conducts regular workshops, teaching everything from cover-letter writing resume building to interview techniques that will leave a positive impression on employers.

The new resource hub at the front of the building is a workspace where clients can check job boards, use computers to view new job postings, and create their resumes and cover letters, with free access to phones, photocopiers and a book library. Through Work BC, job seekers can access federally-funded programs such as Skills Quest, which helps individuals with mental or physical disabilities develop job skills, and Northern Focus, a program geared towards recent postsecondary school graduates looking for work in their chosen fields.

In July, Kopar launched Key BC, an week program for people aged focusing on salesmanship, interview skills, confidence building, conflict resolution and developing the right attitude and removing barriers to employment. The owners and staff of Kopar outside of their new building on 1st and Brunswick. Plumbing and Heating is part of your comfort zone, if the house is warm and the hot water is running, all is right with your world.

We stand per cent behind our on-call service. Valerie and Brian, who have three daughters, came to Prince George from Ontario when Brian was offered a management position at Mainline in The company also provides the installation of several products, including fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, hot water tanks, and Navien hot-water on demand, as well as maintaining those elements that already exist.

Other products in the showroom include Traeger barbecues, perfect for the discerning grill master. Mainline also has a commercial side and most recently completed the Kenworth building, Dragon Stone Mongolian Grill, Foothills Manor and Winchester Estates to name a few. Brian has been working in the industry for 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business.

Valerie has been in marketing for the last 10 years but is a heavy equipment operator by trade, so stepping from her high heels into her work boots comes very naturally to her. We stand per cent behind our oncall service.

Valerie and Brian Marsh, owners of Mainline. Wendy Madison, controller, and Lorraine Dergez, merchandise expert. Is it possible for an auto dealer to be known for two equal things? Kyle Bachman and his team at Northland Dodge are sure going to give it a try. Now they also want to earn a household name for community support. That organization has reach across the whole region that we service, and they do incredible things for the health and wellbeing of everybody.

Bachman estimated that between the three partners, their charitable donations exceed a quarter-million dollars per year. They built a 63,square-foot tower out of sleek steel, gleaming glass and community happiness. It looks and feels like a luxury hotel, and if outof-towners make a weekend vehicle purchase, Northland will put you up at one so you can enjoy those first hours with your new beauty.

And if you come in for service work before 10 a. Waiting is rare. With 26 service bays of all sizes, the customer gets Formula One attention.

The facility is home to team members and they are looking for more, especially mechanical technicians.

Bachman invites anyone and everyone to come look around. No matter what your relationship with Northland Dodge looks like, it will be part of a business that puts their money where their community is. The main entrance of the Northland Dodge showroom.

This year, , marks the 60th anniversary of brewing on the banks of the Nechako River here in Prince George. In , when Pacific Western Brewing was purchased by its current owner Kazuko Komatsu, it really started to claim its place as a stable, job-sustaining, qualityfocused, community-oriented cornerstone in the Prince George business community.

Kazuko says: After more than a quarter century leading the PWB team, those goals carry me forward. The brewery has also been keenly aware of the need to innovate and diversify. Scandal Ale and Lager are good examples. Another example is Wild Root Beer and Ginger Ale, two delicious vodka refreshment beverages introduced this spring.

Prince George embodies B. Like other B.


That focus has been recognized by the achievement of ISO quality certification standard ISO, the highest level of standardization available. Recent long-term contracts have provided sustainability for growers of hops in the Fraser Valley. Leboe says: The VQA program for wine has established the foundation for a successful and sustainable industry that builds strong agriculture communities.

We look forward to working with other B. A line-up of popular Pacific Western Brewing products. Some folks are door-half-open people, some are door-halfclosed people. Davor Drazenovic is a different kind again — the guy who makes sure the door is perfect for you, no matter what.

Two of his employees have been there since he and Brenda took the reins. Portal Installations was a doorway into a new way of life for Davor and his wife Brenda. At the same time, Noel and Helene Valcourt were looking to pass their family business on to just the right new owners. They founded Portal Installations in and poured decades into it. They could cross that threshold with the Drazenovics. And they still stop in to visit from time to time.

Garage doors are too important to any home and business to take that lightly. Davor certainly never does. These doors were constructed specifically for this climate, our elements, and our customers love that. New times bring new technology, like the smartphone app that allows you to open and close your garage door — with visuals and data — from anywhere you are.

Garage doors used to offer an insulation value of a frigid R-2 but now the Steel-Craft weatherproofing ranges from R at minimum all the way up to R The new economy also brings new challenges.

The largest door Portal Installations has installed was 65 feet across and 35 feet high at Endako Mine. The smallest was for a chicken coop only 12 inches by 24 inches, but fully motorized. They proudly installed all 39 bay doors for the new Inland Kenworth facility. Their influence is felt all over the city in homes, in businesses and in helpfulness.

They donate time and materials to the Hospice House, they sponsor minor hockey, baseball, BMX racing, Nitro Motorsports Park, motocross riders, the Spruce Kings and Cougars, and many others over the years. It just makes us a stronger community. With Steel-Craft handling the engineering, the next priority is the installation team. Missing are Kirk and Taylor. Andrew stocking up with springs. Prince George, meet Mahindra.

Mahindra, welcome to Prince George. This friendly introduction was made by another newcomer. Mahindra makes workhorse vehicles we could stand behind.

Their experts are already leaders in northern B. They made room for the Mahindra brand because each class of tractor in that line outperformed its peers, and so did the prices. The tractors, all of them diesels, come in sizes ranging from compact horsepower acreage editions up to hefty hay haulers at horsepower. A horse power-puller is on its way later this year. There are hydrostatic or shuttleshift options. They are a global machinery product assembled in North America, so parts and maintenance is on-shore easy.

The side-by-sides are just as versatile, and per cent made in North America. There are ones with dump-boxes, options for logging trailers yes, these XTVs can haul logs! They all come standard with luxurious legroom and front-bench seating for three. They are all built for one word: We knew people in this type of market would be impressed. Come see the showroom and have a visit with these machines.

Get to know Mahindra personally. These are more than tractors; they are family friends.


Mahindra is the top tractor and side-by-side makers in the world. Prince George Motorsports is more than just the place to buy yamaha and Arctic Cat fun machines. Motocross is a huge part of our business. Also on the horizon is the creation of a racing team to help develop the local recreation tourism industry.

Outdoor enthusiasts with a lust for exploring are well served living in Prince George. A financial plan is only as good as the financial planner who puts the plan together.

Her own financial well-being was severely challenged in August of after suffering severe injuries from being bucked from a horse during a relaxing summer retreat in Polson, Montana. Following surgery, those injuries kept her in home care for over days, in braces to stabilize her broken body. After a year, she is on track again, but still attends physiotherapy to strengthen muscles. Everyday I get closer to working fulltime.

During her recovery time, the responsibility of continuing the business rested on the shoulders of her loyal staff where communication with her and her clients was crucial. The protections I put in place for my business and me personally are the key elements that got me and my business through this unforeseen challenge. Without this my business and finances would have been severely tested.

I stand on the foundation of that scripture. Will your retirement be there when you want it and will you be able to pass assets down with the least tax implications? Yet, the mark of a good financial planner is their personal commitment to clients, the community and themselves - with their own financial plan. Rebecca Sinclair is a financial advisor with Raymond James Ltd. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Raymond James.

This article is for information only. Raymond James Ltd. Rebecca Sinclair. The Raymond james office on Queensway.


The handshake is still valuable currency in Prince George. Rod McLeod got a strong reminder of that six years ago when he found himself in the handshake of his life. It set off a chain reaction that is still in motion. The signs of it are all over the Central Interior. They are black and red with bold letters that spell Royal LePage. After a lengthy conversation, Loedel and McLeod came to an agreement.

Eventually there were signatures on dotted lines, but the deal was done with a clasp of hands. Dirk said that to me once, and I never forgot it. McLeod then applied the handshake philosophy to the team. Fifty local agents are now in place to broker transactions of all shapes and sizes. Residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, rural, urban, the whole spectrum is covered. We have the best support staff and management personnel in Prince George.

We have David Black as our Managing Broker. And I asked George Weinand to join our team as my partner in commercial real estate, he has immense experience and a fantastic reputation, so I was thrilled when he said yes. Denise Godeau is head of reception and social media. McLeod said these are the type of high-quality people that make the Royal LePage signs stand out that much more vibrantly. McLeod, a former general contractor, personally led the 35, square-foot arrival of a major retailer downtown.

McLeod also hosts a luau at his Cluculz property and a Ukrainian Christmas party at Royal Lepage each year, inviting realtors and staff of all real estate companies, putting competition aside. Royal LePage is crossCanada and it was founded in Canada on those principles that make us a diverse, progressive country. Everyone at some point in their life is touched by healthcare. As we get older or have a family healthcare visits increase and become part of everyday living.

If you have visited uHNBC or a healthcare facility the equipment used in diagnosing, testing, or treatment was likely funded through the generosity of donors to the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation.

With a mandate of providing equipment, education and enhancements to healthcare for the service delivery area to UHNBC, the Spirit of the North allocates donations received in many ways. We take pride in developing relationships based on trust, what is near and dear to them, and what touches their lives.

Reducing time between tests, and providing the diagnosis more quickly and accurately regardless of the outcome is key, enabling people to function better in their day to day lives. A regional cardiac strategy will see state of the art ECHO ultrasounds in place providing better emergency response and diagnosis to cardiac related illnesses. Delivering healthcare remotely can be difficult but we increase the chance of better patient outcomes when we work together, strategically funding items that can make a difference.

It helps attract and retain healthcare professionals, reducing wait times and the pressure on major. The preventative move towards better detection and more accurate diagnostic services gives patients a quicker prognosis enabling them to take actions accordingly. We direct these funds to any area of interest, concern or location of choice — our responsibility is to our donors. Her hope is that others are as passionate about great healthcare through leading edge equipment, education and healthcare enhancements as she is and that you consider Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation in your Spirit of Giving!

Putting time and effort into your home but no attention to landscaping is like getting fit at the gym, then wearing paper bags.

Suntree Landscaping will make sure your home and business are as well dressed as you are. Russ Hill invested in a landscaping company 15 years ago to ensure he could always work in his favourite setting — outside. Suntree was one of few other Prince George firms in the trade. Nobody had ever installed recycled rubber mulch and nobody had ever heard of a pergola.

Prince George has come a long way in a short time, and Hill has helped sculpt that. A house is a building, but a home radiates outside the four walls right to the edge of the property. When the counters need redone, one calls a carpenter. Aesthetics catch the eye, but real workmanship is in the foundation, the drainage, the geogrid. We look after the details to sustain the project. I want to do it once, never have to come back to repair it, and always have that word-of-mouth on my side.

I want to come back to see you year after year, but only because you appreciate the work. Suntree operates a crew of usually four to six people. You can see their past work on display at the Via Rail Station, Canada Games Plaza, several of the new auto dealerships, and their biggest current project is a challenging outdoor design at Delhaven Estates.

I think we get some rewards no one else in trades does. We get to stand back and look at really beautiful work. You should see the before-and-after pictures. I really went into the right career for me.

He strives to maintain a core crew who love to play in the dirt and stack building blocks as much as he does. Landscaping Ltd. Russ Hill owner stands among one of the many landscaping projects Suntree has completed in Prince George. Inset photo by james Doyle. New breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. Billy idol t shirt vintage. Scapy tutorial python. Condos crescent beach fl. When is the valleys on mtv. Prince george symphony orchestra. Chemical formula for sodium tetraborate.

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