Download FlightGear for Windows (versions 7, 8, 10) The FlightGear base package includes only a few representative aircraft. Thanks, graphics, are on point. Reply. Glenn Oke says: March 8, at pm . ou peut on télecharger les avions de la gamme Airbus en dehors de l'A?. For windows users, this will be located in C:\Program Files\FlightGear\data\ Aircraft .. Author: Yurik V. Nikiforoff aka Yurik_nsk – port to FlightGear.

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Boeing B 17 Author: Douglas DC-6 Author: Pitts S1C Author: Boeing YASim Author: TU Download:

FlightGear — Released January 29, Please enjoy the FlightGear release notes. December 6, FlightGear is released!. FlightGear Aircraft Downloads. To install these aircraft, download baikaltour.info archive to your local hard drive, and extract them into your Aircraft folder. For windows. Official Aircraft. Note: All official release aircraft can now be individually downloaded and updated with FlightGear itself. This is a nice way to browse new aircraft.

MiG Fulcrum Author: Mil Mi 12 Yasim Author: Mirage F1 Author: Mirage IV Author: Multiplayer carrier Clemenceau — Other pilots can land on it.

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Multiplayer Eisenhower — Other pilots can land on it. Multiplayer Nimitz — Other pilots can land on it.


Multiplayer carrier Carl Vinson — Other pilots can land on it. Anders Gidenstam Version: Morane-Saulnier MS. Nieuport 11 Author: Nord Noratlas N Nord Noratlas Author: Noratlas Nord YASim nord Northrop P 61 Author: Northrop XB 35 Author: Kawasaki OH-1 Ninja Author: P47D Author: PD Author: Engel Version: PA Author: Dave Perry Version: Paper airplane Author: Alias for paraglider-jsbsim.

Slug 3D Version: Pilatus PC-9M Author: Petar Jedvaj, Ernest Teuscher Version: Pioneer YASim Author: Piper PA 18 Author: Piper PA 32 Author: Pitts S1C Author: Stuart Buchanan, Dave Perry Version: Polikarpov I16 Author: Potez Author: Westland Pterodactyl Author: Pushback Author: Rutan Quickie 2 Author: Syd Adams, Maik Justus Version: Robinson R44 Clipper copilot clipper: Robinson R44 Clipper raven-copilot: Robinson R44 Raven II copilot raven: Dassault Rafale B Tigermeet Author: RAF S.

Ryan Navion Author: Saab J35Oe Draken Author: Oliver Reischl Version: Santa Claus 3d cockpit Author: Hawker Seahawk FGA6 seahawk-wingman: Lee Elliott, Vivian Meazza Version: Schweizer Author: Short S.


Short Stirling Author: Space Shuttle shuttle: Alias for shuttle-jsbsim. Jon S.

Download Aircraft v3.4

Berndt Version: Sikorsky S38 Author: Sikorsky S58 Yasim Author: Skyranger Author: Short SC. Savioa Marchetti S55 Author: Snow Plow Author: Sopwith Camel 1F.

SpaceShipOne Author: Supermarine Spitfire IIa spitfireVb: Supermarine Spitfire MkVb Author: Cirrus SR Test! Erik Hofman 3D Version: Stampe SV 4 Br Author: Beechcraft Starship I Author: Fi Storch with German Instruments Fipassenger: Fipassenger multiplayer passenger Fi Fi Storch Author: Dassault-Breguet Super Etendard Author: Super Frelon Yasim Author: Pierre Duval Version: Supermarine S6B s6b-yasim: Cessna T Author: Erik Hofman Version: Northrop T Author: Eurocopter EC Yasim Author: Tupolev YASim Author: FG video assistant ufo: Syd Adams, Melchior Franz Version: Vickers Vimy Author: Handley Page Victor Author: Victor Slavutinskiy Version: Avro Vulcan B.

North American X X North American X Author: Mike Hill, Jon S. Alias for x24b-jsbsim.

Alias for x24b. YS Yasim Author: Zlin 50 lx z50lx: Zlin 50 lx Author: Zeppelin NT07 airship Author: A Download: AViking Download: AInvader Download: Afamily Download: A-6E Download: A6M2 Download: Aerocar Download: Aerostar Download: AG Download: Aichi-D3A Download: Airco-DH2 Download: AirCrane Download: Albatross Download: Allegro Download: Alouette-II Download: Alouette-III Download: Alphajet Download: AN Download: ANT Download: AR Download: Arsenal-VG33 Download: ASK13 Download: ASK21 Download: ATC Download: ATI-Resolution Download: ATR Download: Avro-Lancaster Download: B Download: B-1B Download: B-2 Download: BLiberator Download: BD-Peacemaker Download: BF Download: BellX Download: Bell-P Download: Bernard-HV Download: Boeing Download: Bombardier Download: Br Download: Breguet-XIX Download: Buccaneer Download: Bugatti Download: Burnelli-CBY-3 Download: BV Download: C Download: CTransall Download: C-2A Download: CanberraBI8 Download: Caravelle Download: Carreidas Download: Caudron-G3 Download: Caudron-G4 Download: CessnaCaravan Download: CessnaGolden-Eagle Download: Citation Download: Citation-Bravo Download: CitationX Download: Commonwealth-Ca Download: ComperSwift Download: Concorde Download: CRJ Download: CRJfamily Download: Cub Download: D Download: Dauphin Download: Deperdussin Download: DerKleineUhu Download: Deuche Download: DGG Download: DH Download: Diamond-Da42 Download: DO Download: Douglas-Dc3 Download: Douglas-Dolphin Download: DO-X Download: DR Download: Dragonfly Download: Dromader Download: E3B Download: Fdart Download: F Download: F4U Download: F6F-Hellcat Download: F7F-Tigercat Download: F80C Download: F-8E-Crusader Download: Fairchild-C Download: Fairchild-Metroliner Download: Falcon Download: Farman-IV Download: FK9MK2 Download: Fokker-S Download: Ford-Trimotor Download: Fouga-Magister Download: Fw Download: Fw61 Download: G Download: Gee-Bee Download: Gloster-Meteor Download: Grob-G Download: H1-Racer Download: HC-Shawnee Download: H4-Hercules Download: Handley-Page-Halifax Download: Hansajet Download: Hawker-Siddeley-Nimrod Download: He Download: Heinkel-He Download: HM Download: Hornet Download: Horten-Ho-IX Download: HS-P Download: Hughes-XF11 Download: Hunter Download: HUP-Retriever Download: Hurricane Download: IAR80 Download: IL-2 Download: Jaguar Download: JASGripen Download: Ju Download: K5Y1 Download: K-7 Download: Ka Download: Katana Download: KC Download: Ki Download: KM Download: L Download: La-5 Download: Lancair Download: LATE Download: Late Download: Lightning Download: Lionceau Download: Lockheed Download: Lockheedh Download: Lockheed-NF Download: Lockheed-NFA Download: Lockheed-P38 Download: Lockheed-SR71 Download: Lockheed-Vega Download: Long-EZ Download: Lynx-WG13 Download: Macchi-Castoldi-MC72 Download: Macchi-M33 Download: MB Download: MD11 Download: MEV1 Download: ME Download: Messerschmitt-Libelle Download: Messerschmitt-P Download: MiG Download: Mig Download: Mil-Mi Download: MirageIII Download: MirageIV Download: MPCarrier Download: MRJ Download: MS Download: Nakajima-B5N Download: Nieuport Download: Noratlas Download: Nord Download: Nordstern Download: Northrop-P61 Download: Northrop-xb35 Download: OH-1 Download: OV10 Download: P Download: PLightning Download: P47 Download: PaperAirplane Download: PBY-Catalina Download: PC-6 Download: PC-9M Download: Pioneer Download: Piper-PA Download: Polikarpov-I16 Download: Pond-Racer Download: Potez Download: Pterodactyl Download: Quickie Download: R22 Download: R44 Download: RafaleB Download: Rascal Download: RV-6A Download: Ryan-Navion Download: Ryan-PT22 Download: Ryan-SoSL Download: SDragonfly Download: SaabJ35Draken Download: SeaVixen Download: SenecaII Download: Short-Stirling Download: SikorskyC Download: Sikorsky-S38 Download: Sikorsky-S58 Download: Skyranger Download: Skyvan Download: Syd Adams Version: Anderson Greenwood AG Author: Fernando Espinosa Version: AirCrane Yasim Author: Grumman Albatross Author: Detlef Faber Version: Allegro Float allegroW: Allegro Wheels Author: Alouette II with floats Yasim alouette2: Alouette II Yasim Author: Gerard Robin Version: Legendary Russian AN-2 v2.

Yurik V.

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Lee Elliott Version: Levavasseur Antoinette Author: Arado Ar C with Wheels arv1: Arado Ar with trolley arv9: Arado Ar with Wheels Author: Arsenal VG33 Author: Aerospatiale AS L1 Author: ASK 13 Passenger View ask Patrice Poly Version: Schleicher ASK 21 mi Author: Alias for aswv1-nl-uiuc. Air Traffic Control Ver.


Air Traffic Control Author: Syd Adams, Csaba Halasz Version: ATC — Multilingual Author: Innis Cunningham, Josh Wilson Version: ATR Author: Avro CF Arrow Author: Boeing B 17 Author: Beechcraft bd Author: Rockwell B-1B Lancer Author: Northrop B-2 Spirit Author: Markus Zojer Version: B 25 Mitchell Author: B Marauder Author: Test model B b Boeing B Superfortress — 4 Ship Formation byasim: Joshua Babcock Version: Consolidated B36 D Peacemaker Author: Boeing B F in Arclight colour scheme Author: Beaufighter Author: Beech 99 beechyasim: Beech 99 YASim Author: Bell X Yasim Author: Bell P 59 Airacomet Author: Bell X1 Yasim Author: Bernard HV Author: Messerschmitt BF G14 Author: Bluebird Explorer Hovercraft Author: S Andreason Version: Eurocopter Bo Author: Bocian 1E Author: AJ MacLeod Version: Boeing D b Boeing A Author: Bombardier Author: Breguet Br Author: Blackburn Buccaneer S2 Observer buccaneer: Blackburn Buccaneer S2 Wingman Author: Vivian Meazza, Anders Gidenstam Version: Burnelli CBY 3 Author: Blohm und Voss BV Author: AC ck: C K Hercules c C Hercules kc KC Hercules Author: Cessna L Author: Harald Johnsen Version: C Transall Author: Cessna P Skyhawk model , 2D panel cp-panel-only: Cessna P Skyhawk model Author: David Megginson Version: Cessna R Author: Cessna 2D panel c Cessna Author: Stuart Buchanan Version: Cessna RG Author: Cessna R model with 3D cockpit c Cessna civilian with 3D cockpit cyasim: Cessna YASim Author: David Megginson maintained by Stuart Buchanan Version: Cessna with IFR panel c Alias for cu3a.

Cessna U3A cu3a: Cessna U3A w.

FlightGear 2018.3.2 — Released January 29, 2019

Caudron C Author: Caudron C. Guillaume Chauvat, Laurent Hayvel texture Version: Lee Elliott, Josh Babcock Version: Carreidas Author: Caudron G. III Author: IV Author: Cessna Caravan Amphibius caravanW: Cessna Caravan Wheels Author: Cessna G Skymaster Author: Fernando Espinosa, Pavel Cueto Version: CH Chinook Author: Josh Babcock Version: Cessna Citation-II Author: Curt Olson — Syd Adams Version: Cessna B — Citation-Bravo Author: Cessna Citation-X Author: Colditz Escape Glider Author: Steve Hosgood, Josh Babcock Version: Comper Swift Author: Concorde Author: Couzinet 70 — Arc en Ciel Author: Bombardier CRJ Author: Dewoitine D Author: Dauphin Yasim Author: Douglas DC-2 Author: Gijs de Rooy, Jentron Version: Douglas DC-3 Author: David Megginson and Dick Maurer Version: Douglas DC-6 dc6: Douglas DC-6 Author: Syd Adams.


Ron Jensen Version: Douglas DC Author: Bob Faulkner, Isaias Prestes Version: Beta Rating: Deperdussin Monocoque Author: Torsten Dreyer Version: Deux Chevaux Citroen Author: Nikolaus Kerner Version: De Havilland DH 89 Author: DH 91 Albatros dhyasim: Syd Adams,Tom Haigh bumpmap Version: DHCQ Author: Alex Park Version: Dornier Do 26 Author: Dornier Do X — Copilot dox: Dornier Do X Author: Alpha Rating: Moyes Dragonfly Author: Pavel Cueto, Fernando Espinosa Version: Boeing E-3B Author: Eurocopter EC B4 Rembrandt ecb4: Eurocopter EC B4 ec Eurocopter EC Author: Ercoupe Author: EFA Typhoon: Git compatible typhoonb: Maverick Alex and others Version: Convair F Delta Dart Author: F Nighthawk Author: Fb multiplayer back-seater fb: Grumman FB Author: FC Eagle 3D Cockpit f15c: FC Eagle f Fabrice Kauffmann Version: Early production Rating: General Dynamics F 3d cockpit Author: Vought F4U-1 Corsair Author: Grumman F7F Tigercat Author: FA Author: Fairchild C Author: Fairchild Metroliner Author: Dassault Falcon 50 Author: Farman IV Author: FK 9 Mark 2 Author: Fokker Dr.

Mainair Flash 2 Alpha Author: Fokker F fokker Fokker 70 F xf Beta 0. Fokker 50 Author: Fokker S 11 Author: Follow Me Author: Ford 4.

AT Trimotor Author: Focke-Wulf Fw Author: Oliver Predelli Version: Guillaume Chauvat Version: Racer Gee Bee Author: Grob G Author: Hughes H1 racer Author: Handley Page halifax Author: Hawker Siddeley Nimrod Author: He H Author: Heinkel — Salamander alias Volksjaeger Author: Michael Koehne Version: Heinkel He Author: HM 14 Pou du Ciel Author: Horsa Assault Glider Author: Horten Ho IX Author: